21 ottobre 2016


ARAGO DESIGN is the brand which identifies the objects designed and produced by Elisabetta Di Bucchianico e Dario Oggiano, at L'Officina delle Invenzioni (The workshop of Inventions), in Pescara, Italy. ARAGO DESIGN is the joint label of two designers who use to ask themselves many questions, feeling they have great responsabilities.
The natural consequence is a catalogue of objects endowed with multiple personality.

SalvaPecunia is a piggy bank made of glazed clay and cork.
Pecunia, which means money in Italian comes from the Latin pecus, sheep.

SalvaPecunia by Arago Design, shows the gentle animal protagonist of a thousand stories, the richness of which the sheep is historically bearer. Reborn as a piggy bank but with cultural references, it enhances its symbolic value, until it turns into a coherent symbol of positivity.
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