4 novembre 2016


Milimbo are a graphic studio and a small publishing project, they design books, games, posters, objects...using a graphic, synthetic and symbolic code. They like the images that evoke stories and folk tales, they reinterpret them creating their own games to play and books to read.
We would like to show you their last board game "Il Ricettario Magico" (The Magic Recipes).
A funny game in which four explorers made a long journey to search the different ingredients necessary to prepare a recipe. A cake flour walking alone, a flightless cookies, a risotto with mushrooms growing ... Dare to begin this trip !!!

The game board is a itinerary through different geographical areas distinguished by colors and players must to set up at the begining of the game, there are different ways to mount.
The project emerged as UovoKids Festival proposal in 2015 and  they made a first edition aimed at Italian schools. Now they created a "special Milimbo edition" with some changes and improvements. They began a crowdfunding campaign for financing the production of the game, the translation into several languages (French, English, Italian, Spanish and Catalan) as well as the production of the different rewards and shipments.

This is for sure the era of digital games....but traditional board games may still have a place in your family! Best of all, everyone in the family can play some games! Grandma, grandpa, parents, kids can gahter around the table to enjoy time together. Board games  teach children many valuable lessons, such as how to follow rules, how to wait for your turn, how to be loyal and how to share.

We can all support them!

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