21 ottobre 2016


ARAGO DESIGN is the brand which identifies the objects designed and produced by Elisabetta Di Bucchianico e Dario Oggiano, at L'Officina delle Invenzioni (The workshop of Inventions), in Pescara, Italy. ARAGO DESIGN is the joint label of two designers who use to ask themselves many questions, feeling they have great responsabilities.
The natural consequence is a catalogue of objects endowed with multiple personality.

SalvaPecunia is a piggy bank made of glazed clay and cork.
Pecunia, which means money in Italian comes from the Latin pecus, sheep.

SalvaPecunia by Arago Design, shows the gentle animal protagonist of a thousand stories, the richness of which the sheep is historically bearer. Reborn as a piggy bank but with cultural references, it enhances its symbolic value, until it turns into a coherent symbol of positivity.
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20 ottobre 2016


Alvin Tjitrowirjo, founder and creative director of the studio AlvinT, was invited to take part at the exhibition 'Alamak' who took place at the XXI Triennial of Milan (April -September 2016).
The exhibition, organized by Yuichi Nakamura and Tim Power, takes place in the prestigious Palazzo dell'Arte and provides designers and artists chosen from 10 Asian countries, including Alvin Tjitrowirjo.
Among the pieces that he brought to our attention, there is Lumping rocking horse. It is derived from a traditional Javanese dance which alvinT transformedia modern playful outdoor furniture drawing a light and dynamic silhouette. The graphical woven texture of the body made out of rattan injects a dose of local flair, providing a nice contrast to its solid black or white aluminium frame. 


Dietro a questi bellissime creazioni in feltro c'è Mia Schmidt che con passione e amore realizza a mano ogni singolo dettaglio.
Chi non vorrebbe tornare bambino per potere averne uno per sé?

Behind this beautiful felt creations there is Mia Schmidt. She handmade every single detail.
Who wouldn't want to be a child again to be able to have one?

18 ottobre 2016


A series of Skulls made of Magnolia Leaves by the artist and freelance illustrator Baku Maeda, from Sapporo, Japan. (He is the same of Ribbonesia)

Artist : Baku Maeda
Material : Magnolia obovata

17 ottobre 2016


Floating bath toys, inspired by Cotto’s Pætchwork collection.
Sponges and pumice stones shaped like building blocks can form a playful atmosphere in the bathroom. Kids can create their own playful world above and under water. Connect the floating and sinking elements with ease, and play around with balance to create a floating Waterscape!

De Intuïtiefabriek is an all-female design studio in the Netherlands finding common ground in their intuitive way of working and their use of materials and techniques.