1 dicembre 2016


When I was a kid I used to have a teddy bear, and I used to sleep with him in order not to feel alone during the night. I think my parents threw it away but I still remember his tiny face! 
Dublin-based photographer Mark Nixon decided to document aging stuffed animals that have been ruined from years of play with a lovely portrait gallery (65 full colour portraits) and a story for each beloved teddy bear/giraffe/monkey etc.
If you want a signed copy just write to the Studio and you will get it! (I got mine and I love it!!!)

29 novembre 2016


A cool set of classic wooden blocks designed with  aerospace forms and a patented magnetic system.
Their finishing is smooth as they are painted with 3 layers. They are made by solid beechand sanded by hand. 
By Huzi

28 novembre 2016


Tippe top designed to become a tree when it’s spun at a high angular velocity. With Japanese Kanji, two trees represent woods and three represent a forest. Designed for More Trees Design by
Yasuhiro Suzuki

25 novembre 2016


Du matin au soir is An illustrated children's book and it's edited by hélium editions
It is a small book which totally captured my eyes thanks to its colours (orange and blue on a white background) and its minimal and unique style. But there’s more to this book than meets the eye: It will surely open imagination in kids, as it shows how daily things can be seen in different ways by children. So a cup can turn into a mushroom,  an orange into a planet and so on..Du matin au soir, from the morning until the evening,  a poetic book that will capture the hearts of young and old alike. 
You can buy it on Amazon!
Flavia Ruotolo works as a graphic and textile designer in Genoa (Italy). She is the woman behind Le Macchinine Design. Take a look at her work and shop with great T-shirts and many more for children.

24 novembre 2016


Who hasn’t dreamt of playing in the bath with paper toys? (they are made of Tyvec)
With ORIGANID, your kid will  play now for hours and hours with these resistant, water proof, fireproof, no-toxic, anti-bacterial and without Bisphemol A bath toys!!!
Because, in that case too, you can unfold your imagination.
Origanid is a French trademark specialized in hand-made indoors decoration objects for children. The project originated in a simple idea: to provide kids with a take-away alternative to the traditional playhouse. 
All Origanids are hand-made in France. From sketch to final realization.Therefore, all raw materials come from France.

22 novembre 2016

FDUP TOYS_the superhero of love

A lovely little robot boy!
fdup.chuk_the superhero of love :)
Nine inches of sexy scrap furniture-grade hardwood still packing a handful of over-sized Indestructible american hardware but now supercharged with a slide-in/slide-out superhero heart”
This robot is still one-of-a-kind and are realized in a  sequential release Delivered to you inside a white flip-lid mailer.
Shipped USPS worldwide ready for wrapping.
Designed and made in Brooklyn by FDUP TOYS