28 febbraio 2017


Tattoo Bazar Playstand

Freestanding Detail

Freestanding toy
Tattoo Bazar Play stand
Bazar Play Stand
Legumeria Play Stand
Legumeria Play Stand
Legumeria Play Stand
Lemonade  Play Stand
Flower Kiosk Play Stand
Assembling is very easy
Assembling is very easy
Assembling is very easy
You've never seen them! The first pieces of Fioredoro new collection, such as Bazar, the solid wooden stand with tool-less lock technology, made their debut at Spielwarenmesse, the the International Toy Fair in Nuremberg! Thanks to its simplicity and versatility, Bazar is perfect for parties, street markets or refreshing lemonades! Conceived as a Waldorf playstand, Bazar stands out for the naturalness of its materials. It can also be easily assembled by children without parent's help thanks to its intuitive tool-less technology.  The toy is designed to blend in with the adult's world and to involve them and the children from the assembly, quick and intuitive, to the customization and the play. Share your ideas on social networks with the hashtag #playfioredoro and let yourself be inspired! The collection has big surprises in store for you, including Enzo, the pizza oven, Freestanding, the play kitchen, and accessories such as the small hanging scale. If you're a fan of pretend play, if you can't wait to get to know our products and be kept up to date about the beginning of the sales, subscribe to the newsletter here www.playfioredoro.com!

14 febbraio 2017


We all know that learning by playing is easier. Wikipedia says that "Through play children can develop social and cognitive skills, mature emotionally, and gain the self-confidence required to engage in new experiences and environments". 
Now this will be possible for blind kids too! 
Brazilian schools welcome all instructional materials, especially those that have information in Braille. Educational tools that stimulate fun and tactile experiences in children who are visually challenged are very important, because they complement the use of books and study aids for literacy. With this in mind, Lew'LaraTBWA has created Braille Bricks for the Dorina Nowill Foundation for the Blind, which is a Braille alphabet developed with classic building blocks.  
The Braille Bricks project is a toy building brick that can be whatever you imagine it to be, or even something you've never imagined. Braille Bricks is an experiment that transforms these bricks into a tool capable of encouraging creativity, helping blind children learn to read and write. It also encourages the inclusion of children with or without visual impairment. In fact, each block can be used like a toy by blind and sighted children alike, but each block features one Braille letter.
To assist people in perceiving that imagination and inclusion are important to the learning process of any child, Braille Bricks is a powerful communication platform for calling attention to the literacy process of visually challenged children. To that end, the objective is to make Braille Bricks a global product, by inviting people to bring pressure to bear on manufacturers via the hashtag #BrailleBricksForAll. The product’s registration is available on the Creative Commons knowledge and creativity sharing site.
I love this toy as it is for everyone, it helps not only with Braille literacy but also aids in integration with other kids...and it does it by playing which is much more fun!
Support this whch really seems to be an exceptional aid to learning, communicating and teaching.

2 febbraio 2017


HULKI came to life on Kickstarter in May 2016.  HULKIs are vibrant, supersized, Dutch Design playhouses that are 100% recyclable. HULKIs are built to withstand wear and tear from children by using an extra strong custom-engineered cardboard. HULKIs help to bridge a gap between stimulating toys for kids and the wellbeing of the planet.
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13 dicembre 2016


FINE FINE STUFF is a very new label for playful and decorative minimalist design products aimed at kids and adults alike. All products are designed by graphic designer/editor Saskia Nickles who launched her label in October 2016 with an online shop and website. She is a mum of two wild boys, working and living with her family in Munich, Germany. And she loves illustrated books especially children‘s books. Her favourites find their way to her blog.

Stay tuned! Next year the product range will be extended with pillow cases, booklets for the little ones and many more prints.

12 dicembre 2016

YOPE, MOKOSH E MAKE ME BIO: un mondo di benessere naturale!

A ogni mamma piace prendersi cura del proprio corpo e di quello del proprio bambino. Questa esigenza nasce già dalla gravidanza, un periodo delicato perchè la pelle assorbe le sostanze che vi applichiamo ed è quindi necessario fare attenzione alla qualità dei prodotti di cui facciamo uso. 
Abbiamo testato per voi alcuni prodotti che riteniamo possano aumentare il nostro livello di benessere e che ci diano la garanzia di essere naturali.

YOPE: prodotti dal packaging accattivante e originale, ma non solo! I prodotti Yope, che potete usare tutti i giorni, contengono fino al 92% di ingredienti naturali. Senza parabeni, senza SLS, senza SLES, senza siliconi, questi prodotti sono di alta qualità, belli, e profumati! Si prendono cura delle nostre mani e del nostro corpo e ci fanno sentire bene! Yope produce saponi liquidi e creme per il corpo, che fanno bene il proprio lavoro  rispettando la delicatezza delle nostre mani e della nostra pelle! Da avere!!
Volete sapere quale delle profumazioni ci ha colpite maggiormente? VERBENA! Perchè è fresca, con toni di limone e acqua di colonia. Un toccasana per l'umore e grazie alle sue proprietà antibatteriche ci garantisce anche il massimo dell'igiene.

Abbiamo inoltre provato prodotti per il bambino, la cui pelle richiede il massimo dell'attenzione e della cura. Per questo consigliamo i prodotti MAKE ME BIO, per trattare la pelle del vostro bebè in modo semplice e naturale. Detergente per il bagnetto e Olio delicato, per idratare e rigenerare la pelle secca del vostro piccolo. L'olio di semi d'uva protegge e nutre la pelle grazie alla vitamina E e agli Omega-6, che penetrano in profondità lenendo le irritazioni. L'estratto di camomilla inotre ha un effetto rilassante, contribuisce alla calma del bambino e lo aiuta ad addormentarsi tranquillamente. Anche in questo caso il packaging è delizioso, un'orsetto e una paperella sono pronti per fare compagnia ai vostri piccoli! Provateli!
Infine, un po' di relax anche per noi mamme! Abbiamo provato un olio di MOKOSH,  composto al 100% da olio essenziale di arancio che ha caratteristiche antisettiche, calmanti, lenitive  e ci sanno calmare in caso di eccessivo nervosismo. L'aroma agrumato aiuta a pensare in positivo, per questo motivo è ideale per mamme un po' ansiose, tese, o che fanno fatica a dormire..noi lo abbiamo frizionato sulla pelle appena uscite dalla doccia, il suo fresco profumo di agrumi ci ha subito colpite e ora non possiamo farne a meno! Contro lo stress mentale e fisico è un toccasana!!



1 dicembre 2016


When I was a kid I used to have a teddy bear, and I used to sleep with him in order not to feel alone during the night. I think my parents threw it away but I still remember his tiny face! 
Dublin-based photographer Mark Nixon decided to document aging stuffed animals that have been ruined from years of play with a lovely portrait gallery (65 full colour portraits) and a story for each beloved teddy bear/giraffe/monkey etc.
If you want a signed copy just write to the Studio and you will get it! (I got mine and I love it!!!)