20 ottobre 2016


Alvin Tjitrowirjo, founder and creative director of the studio AlvinT, was invited to take part at the exhibition 'Alamak' who took place at the XXI Triennial of Milan (April -September 2016).
The exhibition, organized by Yuichi Nakamura and Tim Power, takes place in the prestigious Palazzo dell'Arte and provides designers and artists chosen from 10 Asian countries, including Alvin Tjitrowirjo.
Among the pieces that he brought to our attention, there is Lumping rocking horse. It is derived from a traditional Javanese dance which alvinT transformedia modern playful outdoor furniture drawing a light and dynamic silhouette. The graphical woven texture of the body made out of rattan injects a dose of local flair, providing a nice contrast to its solid black or white aluminium frame. 

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