14 marzo 2015


"Nuju" è un nuovissimo Brand messicano, nato nel 2014 con l'intento di creare oggetti unici in legno certificato e riciclato.
Noi li troviamo deliziosi e voi?
Qui il link al loro sito.
via El Monociclo
"Nuju" was founded in 2014 as a Mexican brand interested in creating design products made in wood.
Their commitment is to the use of recycled and certified wood that creates value in the sensory experience of the user. Nuju values that the handmade nature and particular combination of wood results in a unique piece.

via El Monociclo

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nuju ha detto...

Dear TA.TA.
We have recently found this post and we are thankful for your appreciation on our work. We would like to know what do you do and where are you from.
Best regards,
nuju team