6 marzo 2013


1) Absolutely gorgeous T-Shirt by Kids on the Moon
2) Large Cloud Cookie Cutter by Plasticsinprint on Etsy
3) "La Nuvola" by Mario Bellini, for Nemo Cassina
4) Rain & Cloud / Organic cotton tote bag / Screen printed by Oelwein
5) Crocheted cloud in very dark grey by Stellamaria on Etsy
7) Cloud Wall Shelf Medium by ShopLittles on Etsy
8) Miniature Cloud Factory by PearsonMaron on Etsy
9) Le petit Nuage (the small cloud), a DIY project by Petit Poulou
10) Cloudy Seats by Studio Joon and Jung (via Design Festival of Berlin, as the designers website seems not to work!)
11) Cloud Umbrella by Studio Joon and Jung (via http://brellas.wordpress.com, as the designers website does not work)
12) Cloud Lamp designed by Zhao Liping 

2 commenti:

cardamom ha detto...

Piacere di conoscervi!
e stupenda questa vostra selezione di nuvole!

Ta.Ta. Unconventional Design For Kids ha detto...

Piacere nostro! A presto e grazie!! Ciao